Rare J D Ingres Odalisque Nude Study Repro Needlepoint Canvas

Rare J D Ingres Odalisque Nude Study Repro Needlepoint Canvas

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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres ( also known as JD Ingres) was an interesting artist who lived and painted in the early 1800's.  An artist whose work often went unappreciated by the art critics of his day, later years found his work to be ground breaking and influential with famous artists. Ingres is considered one of the last Neoclassical painters. When his life ended, so did the movement. Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso were profoundly affected by the work of Ingres; it is also said he has influenced today's artists Cindy Sherman and David Hockney.
Ingres was portraitist of the highest degree, who enjoyed many royal commissions.  He became known for his obsessive quest for ideal beauty which resulted in his famous (some considered them infamous) anatomical distortions. The pelvic / lower back / hip region of his portraits of women were elongated by as many as five (5) vertebrae  to symbolize the subject's "profound sensual delights."
This artwork reproduction for the needlepoint enthusiast is based upon one of his many studies for what eventually became the famous painting known as "The Grand Odalisque". (concubine). The study varies from the finished portrait in that the woman's head is not covered, her hand mirror is simple, and the end table is different. Instantly recognized by the artistic community, this portrait has inspired untold numbers of  'memes' which can be found all over the internet.

This exquisite artwork reproduction needlepoint canvas is by Margot Creations de Paris, manufacturers of some of the best quality canvases in the world. A large showstopping design, this beauty demands a special space where she can be admired.

Canvas size: 49" x 23.5" ( x cm)    11 / 22 white Penelope canvas
Design Size: 44.5" x 20"  Color match blocks on side of Canvas.   

No Date Given; Vintage New in Very Good Condition
One of Several Original Studies shown For Illustration Purposes Only:  
Ingres Sketch Study Grand Odalisque

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Rare J D Ingres Odalisque Nude Study Repro Needlepoint Canvas
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