Rare Dutch Master Needlepoint PetitPoint Kit Hals Jester Lute

Rare Dutch Master Needlepoint PetitPoint Kit Hals Jester Lute

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There are few artists who can capture a sense of intimacy within a painting but during the mid 1600's a few of the Dutch Masters worked in a style which did exactly that. We are so pleased and proud to present a very few vintage canvases for the needlepoint artist which are based on the work of artists during the Dutch Golden Age.
This is Jester with Lute, based on Frans Hals' exquisite painting from the 1620's.  (original seen below). Hals became famous for his portraiture style, which capture folks in both high and low positions in the community. Later in his painting style, he painted darker portraits ( most likely due to the garments of his clientele, not by personal choice). This bright bold design is one of Hals' most famous portraits, and captures a sense of gaiety and enjoyment largely unseen in artwork of that period.
This beautiful painted penelope canvas is pre-kitted with wools corresponding to each color on the color bar; it is an undated vintage canvas from Holland; both the canvas and the wools are in excellent condition. The piece is clean and ready to stitch immediately.
Size: 13.5" x 17.5"

Kit Contains: Pre-kitted painted 12/24 cotton penelope canvas, 13 tapestry wool colors to match color grid on canvas. No instructions. Made in Holland



The Original Painting Seen Below is not included in this listing, Shown For Illustration Purposes Only.


Frans Hals Luitsplende Jester Playing Lute

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Rare Dutch Master Needlepoint PetitPoint Kit Hals Jester Lute
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