Rare Dutch Golden Age Needlepoint Petit Point Canvas GirlReading

Rare Dutch Golden Age Needlepoint Petit Point Canvas GirlReading

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There are few artists who can capture a sense of intimacy within a painting but during the mid 1600's a few of the Dutch Masters worked in a style which did exactly that. We are so pleased and proud to present a very few vintage canvases for the needlepoint artist which are based on the work of artists during the Dutch Golden Age.
This is Girl Reading a letter, based on Jan Vermeer's exquisite painting from 1657 Entitled Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (original seen below).

This canvas captures the remarkable sense of privacy from the original painting.  It's easy to feel as though we've been allowed to share discreetly in this moment in the life of this young woman as it unfolds in the intimacy of her home. As she uses a quiet space in the corner of a room behind a rug-draped table to read her letter, light from the open window glows radiantly on her head and shoulders as she intently follows the letter's words. Seen in strict profile, she is unaware that her emotional response is dimly reflected in the windowpanes before her.

The details are amazing in this very large vintage undated needlepoint petit point piece. You'll work on a single mesh hand painted 24 count petit point canvas with the look of today's soft congress cloth, making the canvas suitable for only the most experienced, patient stitchers.

The original owner intended for the piece to be worked to match the currently showcased Woman Peeling Apples canvas; be sure to take a peek at both designs if you're looking for a truly exquisite addition to your classic decor!

Choose your own materials and colors; no pattern or color guide is included with the canvas. The edges of this masterpiece canvas are pre-basted, it is ready for a needlework frame and immediate stitching. No Odors or broken threads. Absolutely Exquisite!

Size: 11.5" x 15"

Design Hand Painted on 24 ct tan soft petit point single mesh, similar to congress cloth.

Vintage Unworked. No Odors or Broken Threads



The Original Painting Seen Below is not included in this listing, Shown For Illustration Purposes Only.

Jan Vermeer 1657 Girl Reading Letter At Open Window

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Rare Dutch Golden Age Needlepoint Petit Point Canvas GirlReading
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