Exquisite Floral Artistry Crewel Embroidery Artwork Barbara Ann

Exquisite Floral Artistry Crewel Embroidery Artwork Barbara Ann

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For more than a thousand years, crewel embroidery has been a source of beauty in homes~ from draperies and furniture to pillows and more. It can be seen in many styles~ with names like Jacobean embroidery ....Bayeux.... Tapestry, Quaker tapestry along with many other period embroidery style names. Embroidery pieces & techniques were thought to have been brought with the colonists & Americans have placed their own special stamp of this beautiful embroidery technique over the centuries.
World renowned artists like Charles Wysocki, Jessie Arms Botke, Laine Gordon, Terry Doughty and more have had their work translated for the crewel enthusiast, while needle  artisans like famed needlewoman Elsa Williams ,Louise Chrimes, Erica Wilson, Michael LeClair, Nancy King, Joan Marchie and more have taken traditional designs and updated them for today's stitchers.
These professionally framed estate masterpieces have been worked by regionally known crewel artist Barbara Ann, who has enjoyed more than 60 years of experience with embroidery; her interpretation of the designs is absolutely lovely.
Each design has been carefully framed and padded by a professional framer who specializes in needlework display, so you can enjoy the dazzing dimensional stitches close up, similar to noticing the brush strokes of a painter.
Perfect to use for stylish elegance in the home or office, these needle paintings would also be perfectly suited for a shop owner who is looking for finished crewel pieces that truly showcase the crewel pieces that have been available over the last 40 + years.
Be sure to see the finished pillows from the same artist.
Barbara's finished work is very appealing, and far more beautiful than any needle paintings we've seen on the market for years. These are not massed produced, they are individually stitched with the needle artist's interpretation of the design as shown. Truly must have, high quality professional pieces that will only enhance the space they're displayed.
This beauty is Floral Artistry, as designed by Elsa Williams. For a closeup look at frame color, be sure to click on the "images" tab above this listing.
Framed Size: 21.25" x 17"

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Exquisite Floral Artistry Crewel Embroidery Artwork Barbara Ann
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